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Thanks to our solutions, security agencies reduce the number of phisical workers on sites to a minimum, replacing them with cameras, sensors and speakers. Watching hundreds of cameras in the central station would be impossible if we did not use specialized video analysis. After arming the alarm system, our devices analyze images from cameras and when an intruder is detected, they automatically display the cameras in the monitoring center.

For years, we have noticed the demand of Prisons and Detention Centers for connecting many existing monitoring devices in one integrated surveillance system. We connect cameras from any manufacturer to our multi-monitor operating station, and integrate existing access control systems and cell equipment control systems on request. We program automatic reactions to events, such as the opening of the lock, noises, or the use of an intercoms.

Currently, we automatically identify many people at the same time in the camera image. We recognize their faces in the crowd, as well as their clothing and personal features, such as gender, age, glasses, mustache, beard, or features of their equipment, such as telephone by the ear, helmet, mask, protective vest, backpack, bicycle, etc. Acquired in this way the information goes to the database, which can be searched quickly based on the above-mentioned criteria.

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