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Automatic face recognition

   We have been interested in automatic face recognition in video since 2016. However, at that time, testing the solutions of various manufacturers known at international fairs, we encountered mainly disappointments. Fortunately, 2018 saw the long-awaited breakthrough associated with the increasingly effective use of artificial intelligence for video image analysis.


   Currently, we automatically identify many people at the same time in the camera image. We recognize their faces in the crowd, as well as their clothing and personal features, such as gender, age, glasses, mustache, beard, or features of their equipment, such as telephone by the ear, helmet, mask, protective vest, backpack, bicycle, etc. Acquired in this way the information goes to the database, which can be searched quickly based on the above-mentioned criteria.


   Face recognition systems are used, among others in access control, e.g. for automatic opening of gates, for recording working time, e.g. for verifying the identity of employees passing through gates, for notifying security personnel about the appearance of an unknown person or a blacklisted person, for notifying staff about the arrival of invited guests or important persons, to track the movement of certain people around the site, etc. The list of applications of this type of system seems to be limited only by the investor's imagination and the law.

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   We also connect our face recognition systems to existing access control systems, including through the popular Wiegand protocol. Each event in integrated systems can be programmed to trigger specific actions in the monitoring station, e.g. sound generation and instant display of video from specific cameras on specific monitors. We also have the option of programming automatic system responses when an event is detected, e.g. by blocking access, or by the speakers generating an automatic message with a speech synthesizer..

    Our solutions can be seen live in our laboratory in Wroclaw, central Europe, where we organize presentations and trainings.

   We invite industrial plants, uniformed services, supply chain networks, government institutions, cities, logistics centers and other organizations to which automatic face recognition can bring significant benefits!

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