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Solutions for Prisons and Detention Centers

    Many years ago, we started cooperation with Prisons and Detention Centers. Initially, it was only the Lublin District, but we were gradually expanding our reach. We have long noticed their need to combine many existing devices from different manufacturers in one integrated surveillance system.


   We are able to connect analog cameras and IP cameras of any manufacturer in our multi-monitor operator station as standard, and we also integrate existing access control systems and cell equipment control systems on request.


   Each event in integrated systems, e.g. lock opening, intercom button, can be programmed to trigger specific actions in the monitoring station, e.g. sound generation and instant display of images from relevant cameras on specific monitors. We also have the option of programming automatic system responses when an event is detected, e.g. the loudspeakers generating an automatic message with a speech synthesizer.


   Our video surveillance systems enable automatic and effective detection of people in defined zones, even on low-resolution cameras. However, in order to achieve higher efficiency and increase the distance from which the system will be able to detect people, we recommend installing modern high-resolution cameras. In addition, it enables us to implement automatic face identification of people moving in the crowd.

    Since 2019, we have a breakthrough Deep Learning technology in our devices, which has enabled us to very effectively distinguish the human figure from other elements in the HD image. We not only automatically detect people, but also identify them in a crowd from a distance of several dozen meters, as well as their clothing and personal characteristics, such as gender, age, glasses, mustache, beard, or features of their equipment, such as a telephone to the ear, a helmet, mask, protective vest, backpack, bicycle etc. We similarly identify vehicles, their registration numbers and features such as color, type, brand. Depending on the result of identification, we can automatically respond by triggering any actions in integrated systems.

   We also have the opportunity to teach our devices to recognize specific human behaviors or detect specific events. As an interesting example, we can implement a system that will automatically detect a flying drone in a high resolution image. To achieve this, developers of the neural networks will have to teach our system for many weeks to distinguish between drone flight and bird flight camera images to generate as few false positives as possible.


   Even in 2018 this task would be impossible to implement, however, artificial intelligence technology developed significantly in 2019 and currently the applications of our systems are limited only by the imagination of the investor.

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   Our solutions can be seen live in our laboratory in Wroclaw, central Europe, where we organize presentations and trainings. Every year you can also meet us at the conference and exhibition for East EU Border Protection in Lublin, where we support the Prison Service in building their booth with our products. We also often appear at training meetings of the Prison Service.


   We invite all Prisons and Detention Centers to cooperate!

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