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Solutions for Security Agencies

    For many years we have been recognized advisors and consultants of the largest security agencies in Poland. Our monitoring stations are used to create their video monitoring centers and recorders and cameras are installed at protected sites.

   The scale of our implementations is huge and includes government institutions, cities, road infrastructure, uniformed services, logistics centers, industrial plants, supply chain networks, therefore new security agencies quickly establish cooperation with us, wanting to protect the sites of these organizations and work on our systems.

    At the end of 2017, we noticed that raising the minimum salary for a security guard's man-hour each year increases the operating costs of security agencies significantly, obviously reducing their profitability. One of the agencies offered us cooperation in creating an innovative system that would accurately detect intruders on camera video image and forward alarms to the video monitoring center. Thus, the system would allow reducing the number of security guards working on sites, i.e. increase the agency's profitability. Initial tests of our system turned out to be promising, and soon it began to operate in one of the most modern video monitoring center in Poland.

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    In addition, it soon became apparent that smaller security agencies have the same needs for remote, central monitoring of facilities, but they lack the technical knowledge to successfully implement this solution. At the beginning of 2018, we saw the need to create a standard that would help implement smaller security agencies, no matter what type of cameras and recorders they use.

    We joined the organization associating security agencies, i.e. the Polish Chamber of Security, with which we immediately cooperated in creating a national standard called Remote Site Security (pol. OZO). The first trial implementations took place at the end of 2018, and now our management and video analysis system supports the work of operators not only in large, but also in many smaller security agencies, which immediately began to increase their profitability and reap significant benefits from our systems.


   Thanks to the implemented solutions, security agencies reduce the number of physical guards on sites to a minimum, replacing them with cameras, sensors, speakers and devices for automatic video analysis. Watching hundreds of cameras in the central station by an operator would be impossible if there were no mechanisms of video analysis with artificial intelligence. After arming the alarm system, the systems automatically start analyzing the images from the cameras and after detecting the intruder instantly display the appropriate live videos in the monitoring center.

    Each event in integrated systems, e.g. opening the gate, intercom button, can be programmed to trigger specific actions in the monitoring station, e.g. sound generation and instant display of images from specific cameras on specific monitors. We also have the option of programming automatic system responses when an event is detected, e.g. by blocking access, or by the speakers generating an automatic message with a speech synthesizer.


   Our vision systems enable automatic and effective detection of people in defined zones, even on low-resolution cameras. However, in order to achieve higher efficiency and increase the distance from which the system will be able to detect people, we recommend installing modern high-resolution cameras. In addition, it enables us to implement automatic face recognition of people moving in the crowd.


   Since 2019, we have a breakthrough Deep Learning technology in our devices, which has enabled us to very effectively distinguish the human figure from other elements in the HD image. We not only automatically detect people, but also identify them in a crowd from a distance of several dozen meters, as well as their clothing and personal characteristics, such as gender, age, glasses, mustache, beard, or features of their equipment, such as a telephone to the ear, a helmet, mask, protective vest, backpack, bicycle etc. We similarly identify vehicles, their registration numbers and features such as color, type, brand. Depending on the result of identification, we can automatically respond by triggering any actions in integrated systems.

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      We also have the opportunity to teach our devices to recognize specific human behaviors or detect specific events. For example, we have implemented an innovative video analysis system that automatically notifies security about blocking a fire path and the lack of reflective vests for people working in designated areas of the facility. Even in 2018 this task would be impossible to implement, however, artificial intelligence technology developed significantly in 2019 and currently the applications of our systems are limited only by the imagination of the investor.

   Our solutions can be seen live in our laboratory in Wroclaw, central Europe, where we organize presentations and trainings. Every year, you can also meet us at industry conferences of the Polish Chamber of Security.


   We invite security agencies, industrial plants and other organizations that would like to reduce the number of physical security guards!

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